The Story Behind The

Your Third-Favorite RPG PodcasT

Flash back to long, long ago, otherwise known as 2022. A gaggle of longstanding friends (plus an extra weirdo that got invited along on a whim — we’ll let you guess who) decided to play a game with dice and make-believe. They became three strangers trapped in an imagined ramshackle saloon during a violent dust storm. It was about an hour in when, through perilous encounters and heart-stopping storytelling, they all collectively had the same thought: “Oh fuck, we’re gonna have to make a podcast out of this, aren’t we?

Thus, Mage Hand High Five was born. We’re a group of actors, writers, storytellers, and friends who love improvising and playing outside the swords and sorcery tropes of traditional high fantasy Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Instead, we wanna play with entirely different tropes! From thrilling single-episode tales to sprawling epics, we’ll jump between worlds — and genres — always ensuring that our listeners expect the unexpected.

Meet Our Storytellers

What, you don’t know these clowns already? Honestly, we’re not surprised. You may have seen them in such diverse locales as your local karaoke bar, professional playhouses from Washington to New York, or even the White House once or twice (for realsies!).

Robin Langenhop

as Hayden Kincaide

Rowan McStay

as Salome Briar

Max Weinberg

as Stuhmp Steenling

Casey Papas

as Everyone Else

Enter The Badlands...

The Badlands. A truly god-forsaken place. You’d have to be crazy to leave the safety of Threed for its sands. However, this desert wasteland is more than it appears. Legend has it that beneath this blighted earth, something truly powerful lies dormant, awaiting the lucky — or perhaps unlucky — gunslinger to uncover it. 

One fateful day, three strangers board a train heading into the dusty abyss: a shapeshifting bounty hunter, a runaway socialite, and a family man running from his thieving past. 

Between you and me, they ain’t got a chance in hell.


Reward offered for any information leading to the arrest of these three cutthroats, vagabonds, and thieves.




Well hi there, darlin'!
Salome Briar was born and raised in the Badlands by a trio of traveling sisters, but she's been livin' the high-falutin life lately as a socialite in Threed. She was never as gifted a healer as her mother -- gods rest her soul -- but she carries on the family legacy as a paladin of the Briar sisters' healing tradition.
Now, folks are always saying, "once you leave, you can't go home again," but Salome's headin' off to the Badlands to see about all that for herself.

Salome Briar, pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Gloomstalker Ranger



Once a lowly pickpocket, now a shapeshifting bounty hunter known across the Badlands for taking on a different face for every job. You may meet them as a sweet innocent schoolchild, or as the cantankerous town drunk, but three things will give them away: the sly smile, the iridescent feather in their hat of disguise, and the crossbow bolt piercing your heart. What brings them to the Badlands? That's Hayden's business, and none of yours, friend. Few know their true name or true face.

Best start runnin', sweetheart.
'Cause the Stranger's on their way...

Apothecarist Artificer/Rogue



Stuhmp Steenling, former thief and expert in poisons. He left that life for a nice quiet one up in the mountains, and used his skills to become an apothecary. Earlier today, someone from Stuhmp's past came by to give him a not-so-friendly hello. Instead of sticking around for the party, he decided to leave his wife and child -- for their safety -- and set out to find whatever it is these people were looking for...

Before they could find it first.